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Corporate Aircarft

There are many advantages in Private and Corporate Jet Charter. You have the convenience of flying when ever you need to without the airport hassles of long queues,crowds and security checks. You have the security and privacy to continue your meetings with staff and colleagues in the aircraft and to rent a private jet does not mean to pay always more. In many cases we at HMCS can compete with last minute business class tickets, especially if you are traveling with more than 3 passengers.

Your personal Manager will organize a group (corporate) Charter and will take over its full support: Pick up and rent a plane; Will agree with You all conditions of flight; Arrange for service of passengers and Luggage at airports (you may need to order a VIP or business Lounges); Organizes transfers for passengers to the airport and hotel; Order on-Board meals according to the wishes and class of passengers; If necessary, your group Charter will be accompanied by an employee of our company as a flight Manager to promptly solve the issues of the General organization of the flight and provide additional services.

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